Frequently asked questions
Yes, our team reviews each and every new company on a weekly basis to confirm that they are indeed representatives of said company and the provided information is correct. Until our team has validated your profile, it will not appear in the search engines.
We welcome startups of all sizes. But If you are a small business person, you may not pass the screening. In that case, we will not contact you regarding selection failure. If the verification is passed, you will receive a notification. It will be within 10 days after entering all the necessary items and being under examination.
All service providers are allowed as long as they are related to startups. This is because we're working on the startup ecosystem.
You can edit your profile by clicking on "Settings" on your company profile. If you don't see this button, you may need to be logged in and granted access.
Both startups and investors can use it free of charge, no matching fee is required. A business plan will also start in Oct 2020, startups and investors will be able to see more detailed information and create community events.